The Best Dancers exotic dance agency helps supply jobs to exotic dancers from America, Canada, Australia and Europe; we offer advice & information about our listed strip clubs to dance internationally & abroad. We only display clubs where the conditions are favorable. Our work includes negotiating with strip club owners making deals on accommodations & incentives to members of We currently have about 5000 female exotic dancer members.
YOUR APPLICATION will NOT be made public, it is both saved in our private dancer member's database & emailed privately to strip clubs owners who are enlisted with

YOUR PHOTOS & APPLICATION will not be posted on this website, posted anywhere and will not be sent to anyone who is not a club owner listed on this site.

BE HONEST This biz is based on appearance. The better & more recent photos you send the easier it is to get a job. When sending photos make sure your face & figure display clearly. Do not send headshots. Send additional photos to Janet be sure to put your real full name in the subject line so she knows which application goes with your photos.

NO PHOTO NO REPLY We will not reply to applicants without photos. Always include your photo. Non-professional photos are acceptable.

WHO'S REJECTED? Females over 35 & under 18; men, drag queens, overweight dancers, drug addicts, alcoholics & non-professional & unstable dancers; agents posing as dancers.

WHO's ACCEPTED ? BRITISH, EUROPEAN, OZZIE, CANADIAN & AMERICAN DANCERS; professional female exotic dancers - newbies are welcome but must have some knowledge & experience in exotic stage & VIP dancing and/or lap dancing.
HOW DO I APPLY? Right here>>>>>

WE ARE ALWAYS HIRING: experienced exotic lap dancers, private dancers, pole dancers, & table dancers. We area alsways looking for mature dancers (over 30 yrs of age.) New dancers may also apply. We all gotta start somewhere!

NON- MEMBERS: If you are not a member we will not answer your emails or phone calls.

MEMBERS: of The Best Dancers check our STRIP CLUB GUIDE regularly for new bookings, which change from time to time. Circumstances change & so do people running strip clubs. Stay informed.

WHY USE OUR AGENCY: Whenever you refer a friend to, say, get her hair done for example, don't you notice your friend gets better treatment? People say "oh you're a friend of so & so!" Well, think of us as your friend! If you understand the power of teamwork and belonging to a respected organization then you'll understand that this gives you clout! We always hear that our dancers are treated better and more respected than dancers who book themselves.

WHY BETTER TREATMENT: Understand the male dominated business world and you'll understand how & why they appreciate & respect certain people. If a man has to pay for services, he might bitch about it, but he respects it more. Club owners respect dancers that they have to pay for. Only a few are exceptions to this rule...and those "exceptions" we don't want to work with anyway.

HOW IT WORKS: Apply to become a member. Call us to see if your application was accepted. We will forward your application to the club, if it's accepted we will send you information about the club you requested - we'll send you all the details. If you do not hear from us "first" then try contacting us by email or phone.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE CLUB: TELL US! Plain & simple. If the accommodations suck TELL US. If the manager is an idiot TELL US. If someone hurt you or ripped you off TELL US.
Email us your COMPLAINTS

BACKDOOR BOOKINGS: If we book you in a club and you go to the owner or manager and try to book yourself after we already referred you, the club owner will tell us you did this. We will lose respect for you and so will the owner or manager. We will also NOT book you anymore and we will still get paid. All that you will have accomplished by doing this is that now everyone will think you are a untrustworthy cheat!

DOUBLE BOOKING: If you applied with another agency or a club directly before you contacted us, then we cannot help you. Do not ask us to book you in the same club you already applied for through another agency. We will reject your application.

WHO OWNS THIS AGENCY: A 46 year old female ex-dancer (Janet), who stripped her way through the 80's & 90's - ending in 1991. She began by booking one club in Fukuoka, Japan in 1992 & next thing you know all these other people & clubs showed up. Janet has spent a total of 26 years in this business; traveled extensively, met & consulted with hundreds of club owners.... & assisted thousands of exotic dancers worldwide.

CLUBS WE BOOK : are listed on the menu on the upper right-hand side of this website. DO NOT ask us about any other clubs or cities which are not listed on this site.

WHO PAYS THE AGENCY? Strip club owners pay us. If we don't deliver honest information to dancers, then we will not get paid. There's no upside for us if we don't give you the right information.



I HAVE NO IDEA! You probably know the answer to that question better than I, because I don't know your abilities and earning potential and I'm not an accountant for the dancers. If they tell me they tell me, if they don't they don't. So how am I to know how much money you will make?

Try Contacting the Psychic Chicken at THE PSYCHIC CHICKEN NETWORK...ask him if he knows how much you will make. If he can tell you I'll hire him on a full time basis so he can answer this question... then I won't have to be subjected (anymore) to the torture of pretending that I know the answer. ;-)
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