Do You Own a BUSY, Licensed, Exotic Gentlemen's Club?
We have hundreds of A & B Class, international, exotic strip tease, lap dance, & pole dance entertainers on file who are looking for busy clubs to dance.

Our Online Stripping Agency... offers information about your club to hundreds of international exotic entertainers seeking work monthly; applications come from exotic dancers looking for international stripping jobs at busy clubs in interesting locations. We answer their questions pertaining to your club & give them all the required info they will need to decide if they want to work for you, while you run your club. 24/7 like clockwork.

Why Do Strippers Use Our Services?
We are well known & trusted in the exotic dance industry. Janet has booked & promoted over 200 strip clubs around the world; she maintains excellent relations.... based "ON TRUST"... which she's developed & earned with the worlds exotic dancers; based on 10 years as a stripper herself and 20 years of booking.

How Busy is Your Club?
Do you have a busy strip club where lap dancers earn no less than $1500 -$3000usd ++ per week?? If your club is busy, professional, clean, fun & the money is GOOD, then we will have a long & happy working relationship together.

Do You Offer Safe, Clean, Furnished, Dancer Accommodations? Is dancer housing near your club? Do you offer a nice, comfortable place where the out-of-town dancers can stay? Send us photos of your accommodations. It will help us to promote your club.

How's Your Staff? Friendly? Professional? Helpful?
It's best if your staff are easy to get along with & treat the dancers with respect, that way the dancers are more inclined to stay.

Do You Have Professional Security Staff??
We prefer to work with clubs that are dilligent about security; preferrably with security cameras in the club - even more preferrable if your security personnel is bonded.

Alcohol Issues:
Our agency does not deal with the the dancers nightly drinking issues. We cannot monitor the dancers alcohol intake; hopefully your bar, waitstaff and/or management can.

Travel Expenses: Are you willing to refund some money back to dancers for travel costs? It will help immensely if you will pitch in a "travel refund" as an incentive to dancers who stay & work over 3 weeks (21 working days) at your club. We can discuss this when you contact us.

Payment for our Services...
We work for the clubs, not the dancers. We are paid by the clubs to promote them. We do not accept any money for our services from exotic dancers.

Where are you located?
It is important that you are located in either USA, Canada, Europe, UK, the Caribbean, Japan or other prosperous Asian countries. If you are not located in one of these locations we cannot help you.

If you want to procede to work with us ~ WELCOME~ close this window & go back to the previous page & click on "I AGREE TO THE TERMS." Thank you kindly, Janet

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