Strip Club Information
Type : Strip Tease & Lap Dance Club

Location :

Contract length :
14 - 30 working days
Age Limit :
18 - 35 years
Travel Refund :
Accommodation :
Yes, See Below
Dress Code : Cotumes & Dresses
Work Hours :9pm - 2am
Nightly Club Fees : 50% of dances
Agent Fees : NO
Tips : Yes, See Below
Private Dances : 12 - 30
Drink Commission : 20%
No Escorts Allowed
Details :
Hiring exotic dancers for quaint little strip club in Finland; dancer housing provided - good income for serious performers.
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Club has been open 16 years and it is the only VIP dance club in the area. We have a bouncer in the club at all times to ensure the security of our dancers. We are located 2 blocks from the main square of the city; there are 4 well-functioning hotels all around us so the location is excellent. Vasa is a port city/ a lot of Swedish customers. Best if dancers can speak English and/or Norse/ Scandinavia languages.

We have 1 stage and depending on how many customers we have someone dance on stage every 10-15 minutes. We usually have up to 5 girls working per night.

EARNINGS: The job itself: - Workdays are Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM

- While dancing on stage you are required to get topless and while I say required it also means that's the limit, no full nudity whatsoever while dancing on stage. After the dance (1 song in length) you go from table to table (still topless) and kindly ask for tips for the dance. While it isn't required to give something to the dancers its common courtesy and most customers give a 5 or 10 bill for each dance, with the occasional 20 or 50 from someone who likes you a little extra. The dancer keeps all tips she gets.

-The dancers also sell private shows, there are 3 private rooms and when doing a private lap dance you must be prepared to get fully nude. I say prepared because there is no rule that says that you must, but customers usually tip extra during the private to get you naked. This is obviously for the dancers to decide. There is minimal touching during privates and again this is up to the dancers to decide. A normal private you usually get to touch her thighs or stomach or even feel her breasts but that is up to the dancers and customers usually pay extra for that.

Private Dance rates (dancer gets 50% of this):
10 min 40
15 min 50
20 min 80
30 min 100
60 min 200

I would like to clarify that there is at no time is allowed to do anything beyond dance with a customer. We are not a brothel and prostitution is a big NO! That includes everything like normal sex, oral, or wanking a customer off. If we catch a girl doing anything like that we will fire her immediately since it ruins our clubs reputation and puts unreasonable expectations on the other dancers. We want the dancers to be comfortable while working so they should at no time do anything they aren't comfortable with. If the customer isn't satisfied they can go to a different girl next time if that is the case.

DRINK EARNINGS: - When not dancing the main work is talking with customers and getting them to buy drinks for you. There are both alcohol-free and regular drinks, commission from drinks range from 10 to 330 (most expensive is usually Champagne or imported alcohol.)

DANCER DRESS CODE: - Sexy Dresses, long and short; fancy or glitzy costumes on stage; bootie shorts & shorter dresses allowed on stage. Must wear heels. (no lingerie, swimwear or street clothing, no shorts and/or underwear; and no boots allowed on the floor.) Must have at least 3 outfit changes per night.

DANCER HOUSING: We have a 2 room apartment next to the club where up to 4 dancers stay while working. It is fully equipped + has WIFI.

What we require:

- 18 to 35 years old.
- Fluent in English, Swedish or Finnish is a big plus.
- Good looking and able to dress appropriate.
- Topless on stage
- Nude in private
- Charismatic since your salary depends on your charm
- No drama queens! We don't want to deal with dancers that can't keep their private life apart from work or have any mental condition that makes them unstable. It's bad for business. We want dancers that are willing to work. If you sit at a table playing games on your phone neither of us will profit from it.

We have some local girls, a few from Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania among others on a regular basis. The perfect girl would be a redhead with glasses and a British accent but that is just my personal taste, don't want to drain my own bank account ;)

The Finns are a very careful people that aren't big on intimacy so hugging a customer usually makes them blush, always a good trick to increase tips :)


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