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We have introduced some of the most beautiful international exotic dancers to clubs in Paris & throughout Europe. 

Dancer Team Euro in France

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Thousands of American dancers have used our services over the past 25 years. They are always seeking a new & vibrant place to dance.

American Exotic Dancers

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We have worked with tropical destinations / gentlemen's clubs in Guam, Noumea, Puerto Rico, BVI, USVI, St Marten,  Turks & Caicos, Key West & other cities in Florida & Mexico.  Not all are paradise. Ask us!

Dancing on Caribbean Islands

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I wear many hats. Everything on this website is prepared, designed, created, developed, compiled, purchased,  

maintained & marketed by Bella.  

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Best Dancers Japan

In the 90s' after my first dancing gig in Japan, dancers asked me to help them work there. I started referring them to clubs; 10 CARAT in Fukouka is where it all began.

Where it all began...

Best Dancers Japan

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Helping exotic dancers find the right clubs for over 25 years. Dancers need more out of life than simply walking in & out of a nightclub for money. Travel is an integral part of the self discovery process. 

Assisting Dancers for over 25 years

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