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Hello Club Owners


Looking for talented strippers? 

          247Strip.club agency

Connecting clubs with fine strip tease & exotic lap dancers

from around the globe for 25+ years. 


Feature your strip club here & be discovered by hundreds of exotic entertainers looking for work.

Join our community where local & international exotic dancers come together; traveling from booking to booking

and often returning with their friends. 

247 Strip Club works for you by promoting your club with a full page advertisment;  displaying mutiple images & banners across the website which all link to a dancer application form  -for dancers to book into your club. 

We are vibrant & colourful


We offer ONLINE  SUPPORT to exotic dancers on your behalf. 

Our FEES are reasonable @ $25usd per day per dancer

Or you can get the FLATE rate version PAY ONLY AD fees.


Email us to ask about our rates to promote & advertise your strip club today.