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  • When you sign up to book work at one of our listed clubs you become a team member.

  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age, in good physical shape, with a healthy appearance; tattoos are fine so long as you are not completely sleeved (both arms) & covered all over your back, arms, legs, thighs, neck etc. 


  • If you are taking medication you must disclose this to the club; it is  NOT OK to mix medication with alcohol at any time, on or off work.


  • We do not want you to apply if you are taking illegal or recreational drugs. Absolutely NO DRUGS allowed on the club or housing premises.

  • Please apply with classy photos 1) SMILING FACE (no sunglasses or hats.)

  • 2) FULL BODY- showing legs, waist + upper body- in swimwear - no nudity.

  • It's OK if you are a "mature dancer" so long as you look amazing and you're not a "total gramma"... must be fit physically & mentally. (Under the age of 40 is preferred by most club owners.)

  • Note: Some clubs may refuse dancers 30 + their own discretion. 


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Looking forward to you joining us!

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