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if the form below is not showing or broken email us at:        please &  thank you :-) 


1) Age: Are you over 18? Under 40?


2) Are you in good shape?


3) Are you willing to work 5-6

days per week? 

4) Do you have recent photos?

(face smiling) + (2-3  body in swimwear)

5) Do you want free accommodations? 

6) Did you receive your booking code? 

Note: There is absolutely no charge to

dancers for using our services. Clubs 

pay us so that you do not have to. 

If your friends want to come they

need to fill out this form as 

well -and receive a booking code.

If you want to return to the club at later date - after you've already worked here

 you do not need to re-apply again.

Just email Bella for your booking code.

If you forgot your code email & ask Bella

All information & photos you upload here is private. It only sent to the owner of the club via private email.


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