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A LITTLE ADVICE....Having worked with over 300 clubs world wide (30 + years) we've established some guidelines about what makes a strip club good or bad, or not even bookable. Here's a short list of some places we think you should avoid. If you have some input or would like to add to this list or comment - by all means  WRITE US 

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1) BAHAMAS - strip clubs are not legal in Bahamas. Even if so & so says yeh but my friend worked there, I'm telling you you could end up in jail if you strip here.

2) GREECE - dance prices are so low in Greece it's not worth it unless you just want a holiday but even

then no one wants to spend 8 hours of their holiday in an empty club making 5 or 7 euro a dance

3) SPAIN- OK while Ibiza can be cool & crazy busy (during the season of debauchery), it's incredibly hard to find a place to stay in the summer. IBIZA Spain generally is either GO GO Dance or  prostitution, not always just dancing. But hey, I'm not here to judge, if you're into that sort of thing then go for it. Just sayin.

4) BVI (British Virgin Islands) - Same thing as above. Unless the club doesn't have lubricant & paper towels in the private dance rooms, then I would say you're most likely going to end up working in a drug infested brothel...(and not even a nice one.)

5) LAS VEGAS - Is for American dancers and dancers with Sherif Cards. If you cannot get a Sherif's card, you cannot dance there. You will not get hired, BUT you might have a fun vacation.

6) LOS ANGELES- Referring to - BARE ELEGANCE. First of all, it's not in LA, it's in INGLEWOOD California. Google "Inglewood Crime Rate." Second, the owner & management lack integrity. Third, you have to walk around completely naked the entire 8 hour shift. I am honestly surprised this place is still in business...the owner is rude & so are the managers.

7) ST MARTIN - Used to be a good tropical island paradise to dance, over 10 years ago. BUT the crime there is pretty bad.. One particular club owner I have known for many years there, likes to hire dancers he can control + take advantage of.  I dont want to get too in-depth here but there are some other serious problems with crime & dancing St Marten.  

8) CAYMAN ISLANDS - Stripping naked or topless in clubs is illegal. 

9) ICELAND- Used to be a great place for strippers to make decent money (from the burley fisherman & Vikings), but all that changed in 2010 when stripping nude at nightclubs (on stage) was banned. Since then some clubs have made attempts to re-open as lingerie / dance clubs, but not without harassment by local officials.  Also, best you are a late night birdie, bcuz nothing gets started till after 1AM in Iceland. So there are clubs, they just are sort of quasi strip clubs , per se.

10) BARBADOS- not a lot to pick from there; Barbados is unsafe after dark. Period.

11)  USVI- I've worked with a few of the so-called top strip clubs over the years. Too much drugs & drama. 


13) CHINA - illegal. 

14) HONG KONG- strip clubs exist but they are illegal. Very hard to explain unless you've been here. Basically how they operate is as PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUBS. Also on Yachts as stag parties - this sort of thing. Not saying it's bad, but don't think you can just fly there - walk in a club & get a job. Also, Wan Chai clubs, are poorly hidden fronts for prostitution.

15) MACAU- Well, another place that started out good but then the Russian agents took over. I appreciate that Russian strippers need work, I am all for it, I just hope they are not being taken advantage of by unscrupulous agents & club owners.

(I am Russian by the way.) 

16) JAPAN- Was the absolute best place to strip at one time; but some years ago the anti-trafficking movement blasted through Japan & helped close the work visa program. There are still some great clubs but you have to be married, studying, or have some sort of legal resident permit to dance in Japan.

17) CANADA- Strip Clubs in Canada are dying out. It's true. Stripping was as common as a neighbourhood pub at one time in Canada. Not any more. More & more restaurants & cafes, especially in Vancouver & Calgary, hire hotties as servers & bar staff; replacing the nude dancers with young flawless beauties clad in tight black/ sexy dresses & attire. 

That's all for now. If you want to add to this page, by all means email me so I can post your input here. :-) Namaste & Bon Voyage.