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Text: 1-604-219-8577
Signal & Whatsapp same number

Exotic Dancers for Hire

Thank You for Contacting Support- We'll be in touch shortly.


"THANK YOU FROM CLUB FOXY in GUAM - I was inspired to come to Guam by your website. I am in Guam right now. I came out to Guam as nanny thru friends; I really fell in love with the island so I started dancing to stay longer . I was inspired to try out dancing in Guam because of your website. I think dancing in a new place is very liberating, educating and fun. I am so glad you have made it your life work to empower women to discover the world through travels and exotic dancing. Thank you for the work you have done and continue to do."  Peace,  Sylvia, Luvin Guam"

"HEY BELLA --- I'd probably never get to see the world if it wasn't for you.  Sometimes I want to pay you my damn self ! haha. You have so many amazing lady's on your team and you've helped me tremendously.   Let's keep the good people around  and your good rep.

Your website is wonderful.  That's why I'm real with you.  Anyways have a great day !"  - Positive vibes !  Chel

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND 247  (Best Dancers Agency)  I was referred to this website from a fellow entertainer in Florida. She highly praised the clubs they list and informed me that  the clubs on your site provide accommodations. I was working in Florida and wanted a temporary change and to explore new opportunities.The entertainer suggested you to me to some places she previously worked, which provided accommodations. I contacted  support at  & they  answered my questions extremely promptly. Within 3 days ...I was accepted to one of the clubs that I selected.  I have now been here for about five weeks. I am extremely happy with accommodations and the staff. I will continue,  and would love to book myself using  Ps. I would say average my average the first week was good $2500. But then when there are no games maybe $2000 a week . So not horrible ..but worth while seeing as how I'm not paying rent- the free housing is a plus.  Much love,  Tee

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