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Image taken at Tantra in Tokyo Oct 2019 

with special thanks to Andy, Javier & Fernando for taking good care of us on our Asia Tour.


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Ask any successful person; one thing they will say is "never take on a job or career 

project, business venture, or whatever, if you are only doing it for the money."

When I got into this business I was actually trying to

get out, not further in.


I had finished working at Ganesa Casino in Shinjuku Japan;

I had one month left in Tokyo to stay & figure out what 

my path was going to be. I hadn't danced in over a year + I quit drinking 

alcohol so I stayed in alot. My boyfriend returned to

London/ England to be with his father

as he passed away.  (RIP Papa Velji.) I was all alone in my Tokyo apartment;

just me &my Celestine prophecy workbook for a month.  I completed the workbook &

wrote letters to GOD, asking him what shall I do with my life? 

Every other day either a dancer from home or a friend would contact me 

to ask me "how they can work in Japan?" I helped match up many 

dancers; & passed on clubs asking me for dancers, back to my agency friends

back home. No one wanted the bookings. Agents kept telling me to do it.

Eventually I had to come back home to Canada. Living with my brother in 

Vancouver, the phone kept a ringing; with clubs & dancers all asking me for

my assistance. Again, I tried to pass the bookings to others, but no one wanted to be part

of international bookings because they knew nothing about it. 

It's been, over 25 YEARS now & here I am, still matching

dancers with clubs.  I never did it for the money. 

I only wanted to help people.

Thats all. 

Travelling changed my perspective on life. I also gained confidence I never knew I had.

Things you cannot put a price on. 

Also, when I first arrived to Tokyo, I wasn't making much money. Some

nights $40 or $100. I had to go have a chat with myself about my motives, money

and my purpose for being there. (I really didn't want to go home.) I loved

Japan. I did not want money to be the reason my dream ended. 

So after I had a good sensible chat with myself, and visited the great

Buddha in Kamakura. I looked forward to the new me. My attitude was more 

relaxed & I left my life in God's hands. 


Out of nowhere money & opportunities started  coming at me.

It was as if the seas parted & God said here, "walk this way"....and so I did.

There have been many challenges ...but one thing I need to remind myself of  every so

often- "is do things as your heart guides you." 

Find your truest self-fulfilling motive & path; your purpose, journey, passion & follow that.

I kept pushing all that away; it wasn't until years later that I stopped & looked back & said , "AHA! 

Ask yourself what the money you need is for?  To help a sick aunt?

Bring up your children? Pay off some debts? Open a new business? Go back to School?  Kids 

education? Travel the world? What?  The bigger the dream, the bigger the reward...

it's just the way the universe works. 

Anyhooo, so when you are on this site poking around trying to decide what is right for you, 

I want you to know one thing..."you are aligning yourself with someone who cares about

your life's path & purpose. "  Amen, Namaste, all the best - now let's get busy!! :-) 


"Travelling is the best education you will ever get" ~ Bella

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Bella in Tokyo with Rock Band, Galapagos, after model shoot for their album cover.


Going to Japan forced me to face some personal challenges, which led me to my inner peace, and a greater purpose. (To help others in the industry find their way out.)

The trip breathed new life into me & gave my life meaning;  something that I wanted all of my friends to feel & share.


Over the following 12+ years, I made some 30 + round trip flights to Japan ...sharing the experience with literally, thousands of international exotic dancers, everywhere. 

During the last 25 years I have promoted clubs in Greece; Canada,  Brunei, Paris, Nice, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Scotland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Geneve, Mexico, Iceland, London, Australia, New Zealand,  Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Italy,  Luxembourg,  Spain, Portugal, Vegas, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Myrtle beach, Florida, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Texas, Virgin Islands, St Martin, Puerto Rico, Guam, Macau, Philippines, Malta, South Africa; (over 300 international strip clubs world wide.) 


The driving force behind it all- is quite simple; I want all dancers who are reading this... to get the opportunity to fly away &  find their passion- through travel.