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247 Strip Info                            Application, Info & Rules

  • 247 Exotic Dancer Jobs at your fingertips

  • 247 easy application & accommodation approval

  • 247 clubs listed are verified and licensed.

  • 247 Support 

  • 247 booking code for free or discounted lodging. 


Some travel dancers hold green cards, working holiday visas, or lottery visas; some have student visas, marriage visas, or some other type of entry or work or citizenship visa. Be sure you have the right type of visa before you travel.

Guam Stripper Dancers in Club
  • 247 is a website used by exotic dancers to apply for work at various clubs in USA, Europe & Guam. 

  • Everything you need is here to get your application sent to the listed clubs & approved.

  • A confirmation email will be sent to you upon approval.

  • There is no need to seek accommodation near 247 clubs because all of them either provide a shared house or will refer you to one of their discounted hotel affiliates.

  • 247 clubs listed prefer minimum 2 week stay.

  •  If you are bringing a friend, both of you will need to apply & give name of who you want to share a room with.

  • All clubs have shifts; they will require you to sign up for the shifts you will work during your stay.

  • Cancelled shifts & no- shows will be charged a fee by the club. Best to always give advance notice if you cannot make it to work. 

  • It is dangerous to bring customers or strangers into the housing or hotel rooms- for your own safety we ask you to keep all relations in the club or outside of the housing.  

Finishing & Quitting


When you are about to finish or end your time at the club please return keys & pay any outstanding fees. Never leave without telling anyone. This could result in police being called- for your own safety. 


Always give advance notice so the club can have shifts covered by other dancers after you leave.

If you are unhappy & wish to leave- follow the same rules as above. We understand not every club is right for every person so there's no reason for you to feel bad or angry. Inform the office staff or floor manager that the club is not a good fit for you & tell them you will be leaving.  Give at least 2 days notice. 

Returning Alone or With Friends

If everything went well your first time at 247 Strip Club you may want to return, sometimes with a friend.


247 Strip Club welcomes you back; in order to make it easier for you YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RE-APPLY. Just contact SUPPORT; with your real first & last name + email so you can confirm a return date.  Rebooking dates are dependent upon availability in housing & hotel availability. Support will check for you & confirm.

All friends must apply the same way you did thru the ONLINE BOOKING FORM 


If you have any further questions contact support 247

see button to book online & for support below.

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